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Tables turned on Humane Society

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Animal rights stealth Exposed

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Hunt Corp. steps up to defend  ALL breeders
My Friends,
Last month, every federally licensed Missouri breeder received a  letter from USDA stating that it has decided to release confidential  personal and business information to the Humane Society of the United  States, a wealthy, extremist animal rights group dedicated to wiping out  our industry using legal and legislative tactics.  HSUS filed a  lawsuit to compel USDA to release the confidential information about  breeders, and for whatever reason USDA decided to comply without fighting  in court on behalf of licensed breeders.

If USDA is allowed to follow through and release the information to HSUS, it would be a terrible, destructive precedent that would affect all breeders, not just those in Missouri. This cannot be tolerated, and The  Hunte Corporation will do everything it can to stop USDA from becoming a  tool of HSUS and the animal rights movement. That is why we have today  filed a lawsuit
in federal court together with Missouri professional pet  breeders, to prevent USDA from releasing the confidential personal and  business information. Joining The Hunte Corporation as plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Missouri Pet Breeders Association, representing all USDA  licensed Missouri breeders, and Carolyn Jurewicz.

We intend to win this lawsuit and send a signal that the professional  pet industry will not stand by without a fight. We cannot accept  manipulation of our government agencies by animal rights extremist groups  dedicated to destroying our industry. Winning this suit and other legal  actions in the future will require a coordinated effort by all  professional breeders working
together to assure that our lawyers have the  resources to carry the day for us in court.  The Hunte Corporation is  making funds available to begin this important lawsuit, but we can't do it  alone. We must act together to defend our common interest. 

So, The Hunte Corporation is supporting the creation of a new legal  fund "War Chest" by MPBA and other professional breeder associations  across the nation.  This will be a check off fund managed by a board  of directors representing each of the breeder associations, and the  leadership of the USDA licensed distributors.  Its sole purpose will be to defend the professional
pet breeding industry against legal attacks by the animal rights extremists. The Hunte Corporation will  contribute $2.00 into this new fund  for every puppy it sells.   We are asking every breeder to contribute $1.00 for each puppy they sell, and we are recommending that all USDA licensed puppy distributors participate in this fund in the same manner.  We are also asking
that  pet retailers contribute $2.00 for each puppy they purchase. 
Together, we can and must win this important legal fight.  If you agree, please join with me and other pet industry professionals.
Andrew P. Hunte
121 N. ROYHILL BLVD. - GOODMAN, MO 64843 - 800.829.4155 - fax:  417-364-8954 _www.thehuntecorporation.com_ http://www.thehuntecorporation.com/)   

California Dog Legislation

>From RPOA Texas Outreach and Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
"Animal welfare, not animal 'rights' and, yes, there is a difference."
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April 26, 2011

Texas Rep. Senfronia Thompson succeeded in ramming through her HSUS and Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) Anti-Breeding Bill HB 1451 today with Rep. David Simpson being the only speaker to oppose the bill at the podium.

The vote was 95 Ayes, 44 Nays, 2 Present-Not-Voting and 9 absent. The 9 Absent all had to leave conveniently for a committee meeting right before the vote was taken.

Rep. Simpson said the bill establishes the "dog Gestapo;" that he opposed the bill and supported the state Animal Cruelty Law which should be enforced. He further stated that this bill burdens those responsible lawful
breeders, allows access to their homes without a search warrant violating the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and Section 9 of the Texas Bill of Rights.
Simpson told them if American Kennel Club is correct, there will be closer to 300 licensees rather than the estimated 1,000 licenses sold at a $1,300 annual license fee reported in the bill's fiscal analysis. The bill states
the license fees must be set to cover the costs.

Simpson said the bill would establish the "pet police." Then he mentioned the loose dogs that are picked up on the streets in his city but said they are not purebred dogs.

Rather than being discouraged by the vote, RPOA is ecstatic, as we never dreamed that 44 representatives would vote "No" to Thompson's bill. We've had members working the Capitol halls talking to legislators and
distributing a two-sided RPOA Flyer for days and if we'd had one more day, we'd probably have killed the bill.

Thompson chairs the powerful Local & Consent Calendar. We've been told that she has warned fellow representatives that they'll never get a bill passed unless they support her bills. She is the most powerful representative in the House, which is why she was "anointed" to sponsor the HSUS bill. Her bill was introduced as "outlawing puppy mills in the state of Texas." RPOA respectfully disagrees and calls it the "Pet Elimination Bill."

So now we await HB 2116, the sister HSUS bill, which will be scheduled on the Local & Consent Calendar soon as it wasn't heard today. Then it's on to the Senate where we will definitely defeat these two bills. It's a piece of
cake! There are only 32 senators. Thanks to all our members who worked so hard and don't be depressed. We have educated so many representatives about the radical agenda of the Animal Rights Movement and must continue to do so in the Senate. The future of animal ownership in Texas is at stake.
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